Limo is committed to sustainable and slow fashion, made ethically and in small batches.

We hope to inspire a more mindful consumption.

Our goal is to create a collection that supports sustainability and high quality at every level in materials, processes and designs, as a lifestyle.

Our fabrics are 100% natural. We work with European high-quality linen with ecological and sustainable textile certifications such us OEKO TEX STANDARD 1OO and GREEN CERTIFICATED.

Goleta dress


Our collection is created with great care, using timeless designs and pieces made with high-quality natural fabrics.

We are a brand 100% made in Spain. We keep a small and local production using only sustainable fibres and textiles.

Are you a store interested in selling our products? Please write to us, we would be pleased to work with you.


Our goal is to fill your home with clothes you will love and enjoy for a long time.

LIMO offers different product lines, all of them made of sustainable European linen and a production 100% made in Spain.

We work with multi- brand deco shops, concept stores, interior design business and independent designers.

brochazo home



Our team helps you to dress up your professional environment, offering a unique workspace sustainable and unforgettable.

LIMO provides your business with work clothes, textiles for interior design products and more accessories.

Our clients come from the wellness and spa business, hotel industry, catering and hostelry industry, among others.

Let’s partner together!

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